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Sabtu, 29 November 2008

Tips buat yang pengen bagadang

Tips buat yang pengen bagadang

Sebenarnya gak bagus seh begadang, tp menurut sy hidup kan cuma sekali tuh,,, trus ngapain dipake buat tidur, makanya lahirlah tips ini 
Yang pertama disiapin tu hp (lho? Kq hape??), iya maksudnya buat sms temen suruh dateng kerumah biar ada temen ngobrol , abisan kl sendiri malah buntu…
Trus cemilan, tapi jangan yang berlemak, ntar begadang iya tapi kolestrol ikut naek juga. Mending yang ringan-ringan aja seperti roti bakar, kuaci, kacang goreng ato yang direbus jg enak, abs ntu kopi jahe, beli aja yang sachet biar praktis, dan yang paling penting rokok (buat yang ngerokok sih) kl yang g ngerokok isep aj jempol temen  ,trus minuman apa kek yang seger…
Sebnarnya masih banyak, ntu hanya biar budget kita hemat juga. Tapi inget, “begadang jangan begadang, kl tiada artinya, begadang boleh sajaaaa kl ada gunanya” 

cure the cold

In fact you can drink some medicine, take little rest and flu gone. But now I want to share with you about againt flu without medicine, I mean without chemical.
1. Buy some chicken soup its more cheaper then chemical medicine, and its delicious too.
2. Try to drink warm water or coffee with jahe (apa yaa bhs inggirsnya jahe…
3. Take light exercise. Such as, push up, jump, walk, etc.
4. Take a bath with warm water.
5. Old man in my place said “if you want free from flu, try cigarette”, and its work with me.
6. And this crazies way I’ve heard, take a bath with cold water in the morning, from 4:00am until 5:00. I have not try it, but my friend said its work with him.
7. Contact your doctor if the flu still continue…
Oke, if you have another way to cure flu without chemical, please give commant

Senin, 24 November 2008

flying tips

Carry-on only travel

If you do not really need loads of luggage and will be away from home for a very short time, it may be worth considering taking carry-on only. This saves time at your destination because you don't have to wait to claim your checked luggage, and certainly carry-on luggage is less prone to getting lost or stolen. It might also save you money because many airlines charge a fee for each checked bag. Check with your airline to make sure that your bag fits within their size/weight restrictions for carry-ons, and whether your purse or laptop counts toward the limit of how many bags you can carry. Also, with tight security restrictions on what kinds of items you can take with you into the passenger compartment (particularly nothing that could be used as a weapon and liquids in anything except small bottles), a carry-on-only strategy may not be practical so it is also useful to check the airport which you will departing out of to see restrictions in addition to the ones implemented by the airline you will be using.

If you want to travel with carry-on only but also have luggage that should be checked-in, you can use a company that provides a luggage delivery service.
[edit] Online check-in

Besides the traditional check-in at the airport (see the Checking In section), your airline can allow you to check-in online from anywhere with internet access. They usually open at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight. By checking-in online, you can select your preferred seat in advance, quote your frequent flyer number for mileage accrual, inform the airline how many bags you are intending to check-in thus saving time at the airport. Furthermore, everybody else who is part of your traveling party can also be checked-in along with you.

Online check-in procedures, features, benefits and requirements vary per airline and possibly per airport of departure. For instance, some airlines may only offer online check-in and if you are departing from certain airports only so be sure to check with your airline if online check-in is available from your departure airport. In relation to that, some airlines will allow the printing of a boarding pass at home while other airlines will still require passengers to claim it at the airport. Another example is that for some airlines such as Southwest that do not assign seats, passengers are allowed to board earlier if they have checked-in in advance. Also, some airlines will only make this option available to electronic ticket holders while others will invite paper ticket holders to take advantage of this option as well.

If your airline does not let you print your boarding pass from where you are, be ready to note down or print all the other pertinent information given to you at the end of the online check-in process as they will be used to facilitate the rest of the check-in process at the airport.

The airline will usually provide a special lane for those who checked-in online; be sure to use it for faster service.